Here are some guidelines supporting a long relationship with your new frames.

Protect your glasses by using the eyewear case when not wearing them.

Daily cleaning with the microfibre cloth (both lenses and frame).

Weekly cleaning with 30 deg warm water and 1 drop of washing liquid (NOT SOAP - that will make them greasy).

Dry them with a CLEAN cotton towel, preferably an old soft one (both lenses and frame).

Avoid direct hot temperatures which can crack the surface of the lenses. 

Avoid wearing glasses when you open the oven, use a hairdryer or go for a sauna.

Wear your glasses on your nose, avoid placing them on top of your head as that can expand the frame and make your lenses greasy. 


Look after your glasses with love. 

Tighten any loose screws with an optical screwdriver. The safest way is to place the frame against a table, so you have a sturdy and precise hand, to avoid scratching your frames or lenses accidentally. If you are unsure about this process please contact us and we will find a solution for it.

If your vision change, which it normally does over time, you can consider to replace the lenses and keep the frame if you want. Existing lenses can sometimes be reglazed into a new frame (if the lens diameter, pupil distance and pupil height are enough. Each case is unique).

We hope these tips are helpful and will make You and Your spectacles shine together for a LONG time!

When cleaning the lenses, remember to clean the frame as well