Skans Eyewear

A consciously designed eyewear collection

Love for Nature

Skans eyewear is our way of giving back to nature, using business as a force for good, offering an eco conscious option in eyewear, showing love for nature. For us it's about respecting the Earth and all it provides. We want to help heal our planet by encouraging people to buy fewer, but better quality products.

Copenhagen based

We aim to create a timeless, longlasting, collection of functional, and elegant spectacles that seamlessly blend into everyday life. Drawing inspiration from Copenhagen's lifestyle, where tradition meets innovation, we celebrate the beauty of simplicity and balance in our designs.

Made to last

The design and materials are carefully selected. Made to last over generations. The range is made in recycled stainless steel, excluding all plastic elements, resulting in a clean product that is easy to recycle when the time comes. All frames are nickelfree & hypoallergenic. The frames are hand made in the Italian mountains.

All frames are named after characteristics that are required to drive change. Bold, Wise, Wild, Curious and Free. 

Skans Eyewear

'A marriage of form, function & purpose'