Passionate about eyewear & to leave the planet in a better condition than how we found it

The Company

Skans is a passion driven optical company using eyewear as a tool to solve planetary challenges.

We are an eyewear brand, a holistic optical company and a movement.

We design and produce our own eyewear, consciously, with three key drivers; Environmental impact, Comfort, and Style.

We want to inspire people and business to make decisions that respects the interdependence of all life.

The Founder

SKANS was founded by the Swedish optometrist and corporate sustainability advocate Johanna Skans.

Johanna holds an MBA and in her pursuit to contribute to a healthier planet in the best way she can; led her to study Business Sustainability Management at University of Cambridge as well as acquiring a B (beneficial)-Leader certificate by the Nordic B-corp movement. Johanna also worked as Head of Engagement for the Nordic B Corp Movement.

From an early age eyewear was a natural part of Johanna’s life, as she was born into a family running two optical stores.

Johanna has spent almost 2 decades in the corporate eyewear industry, including broad international experience. Overseeing eyewear stores across Sweden, dispensing optics in Melbourne, Australia and purchasing & designing eyewear for a global eyewear company based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Her passion for eyewear and joy of helping others to bring out the best version of themselves, together with a huge drive to solve planetary challenges, made her start SKANS.

'There was no other way than to start SKANS - to use business as a force for good'