Our Mindset


We believe that sustainability is about maintaining life on earth and the ecosystems required to support it.

Sustainability is a way of living and a way of doing business, based on profound and continuous learning. To us, sustainability is not a department, it is a mindset, and should be reflected in all decisions made. Sustainability is not about being perfect but about making progress towards fundamental change.

At Skans, every decision is made via the sustainable lens. We ask ourselves, can this be done more sustainably?

Responsible consumerism

Responsible consumerism is not about telling you to not buy glasses, or other items. It is not to tell you to shop only second hand either. The idea is to consume more respectfully, and taking into account environmental impacts at all stages of the product (or service) life cycle. 

We encourage customers to make mindful purchase decisions. Aim to buy one good product (a pair of glasses for example) that will last, over an item that will have to be replaced often. Deliberately buy ethical and environmentally friendly products and services, and support companies that are purpose driven. Customers have the power of voting for their values with their wallet.

Sustainability seen as a profit center

Sustainability seen as a profit center

SKANS is aiming to move beyond meeting customer needs to address fundamental societal needs through its business model. The traditional approach has been to run business and think about its social & environmental impact as a separate set of considerations.
Instead, we look at sustainability with a holistic approach. We don't perceive sustainability as a cost center, we see it as a profit center, which creates value.