We believe in

Responsible products & Responsible production

Starting from the design

Consciously designed

We believe in slow consumption and therefore we want to offer frames that we know last for many years.

We design timeless eyewear with no expiration date.

We design seasonless eyewear that can be used for any occasion and loved by generations.

We aim to keep it simple and clean, to avoid unnecessary distraction.

The colors are earthy and chosen to fit any season and any occasion.

Choosing materials

Carefully selected materials

For all of our products we look for materials with outstanding characteristics such as high durability, safe to use, innovative, great functions, and with low environmental CO2 footprint.

Our frames are made of certified recycled stainless steel; providing high strength, durability, endless recyclability, and low CO2 footprint. During its lifesycle stainless steel releases 9% less CO2 emissions than Bioacetate, which is another sustainable frame material.


Small quantities

We work with limited batches to avoid unnecessary stock. Our framecases are produced in small batches using every inch of the material. Even the smallest parts become something, like the nose protection inside the case.

Investing in

Carbon neutral solutions

We are focusing on closed loop systems by using water conservation systems, green energy, and investing in innovative carbon neutral solutions.


As local as possible

Skans is made in Europe to guarantee fair compensation and regulated working conditions.

Skans eyewear are produced in a family run company in the Italian mountains, which is the best available option for us today. Making frames in 95% recycled stainless steel with only Italian sourced components.

All packaging is sourced from Denmark (where we operate from).

We hope to be able to produce even more locally in the future.



We have eliminated all unnecessary packaging, yet secured that products are well protected. Silk paper is for example replacing an inner product box.

Our packaging is plastic free. Outer boxes are made of recycled and recyclable paper.

We are shipping as compact and lightweight as possible to minimise our footprint.