The perfect frame

What to look for

A guide to

Choosing the right frame


Choose a style that you like. Different styles enhance different looks. Do you want to go classic, creative, looking younger, looking ‘older’ etc.


Choose a frame that feels good on your face. You don’t want to be reminded every minute of frames falling down, or sitting too tight, or feeling too heavy. Lightweight frames increases comfort. Nosepads and thin temples are easier to adjust than heavy frames.


Choose a frame that supports your usage. For example; Driving glasses should not block your peripheral (side) vision, which a thick temple does. Reading glasses should not be too small, it will be difficult to read a full page if a rim is cutting it off.

Rule of thumb

Your pupils should be centered in the glass or a little bit closer to the middle of the frame.

Your eyebrows should preferably be over the glasses.

The width of the frame should be the same as your face or just a tiny bit wider.

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