Our Progressive lenses

Innovative & safe with excellent visual experience

Premium & Advanced


We offer two types of progressive lenses; Premium and Advanced.

Both lenses have smooth transitions between near, intermediate and far distances. Both have extended reading zones and improved peripheral vision as well as a cosmetically pleasing lens. They have both high quality lens designs providing a natural vision.

Additional benefits with 'Advanced'

The added value with the Advanced lens is, that this lens is tailormade, taking pupil distance and luminance into consideration as well as your age. This gives the wearer maximal comfort. In the Advance option personal lens engraving is available.

Lens prices starts at:

Premium DKK 5000 (from price incl frame DKK 7200)

Advanced DKK 6000 (from price incl frame DKK 8200)

Choose lens material based on your usage and prescription: