We have teamed up with the best lens partners offering innovative, safe and durable lenses. As well as partnerships that take responsibility and offer local productions.

We offer

All kinds of lenses

Single vision lenses
Perfect for your first pair of glasses or standard everyday glasses, as well as scriptet sunglasses. Single vision lenses are used for both distance vision and reading.

Multifocal lenses
One lens with smooth transitions between near, intermediate and distance zones. A pair of progressive glasses tailor-made for you is your best choice for high-quality, natural vision.

Lens coating
High-performance lens coatings not only make your lenses extremely damage resistant but also improves your visual experience. Our antireflex coating is scratch resistant, dirt repellent and easy to clean. An advanced antireflex coating is always included in our lenses.

Extra thin lenses
This ensures maximum wearer comfort with only minimum weight. Recommended for higher prescriptions (above +/- 2 Dptr).

Photochromatic lenses
A color shifting lens that darkens on exposure to UV radiation and bright sunlight, providing a sunglass effect. In low light, for example when you go inside they become as clear as normal lenses.

Office glasses
Computer glasses or workplace glasses. The purpose is to give the wearer a comfortable vision when working, usually computer and meeting distance zones. For any B2B queries please get in touch at eyewear@skans.com